Graphic Geometric Black and White ?

When we speak of 'graphic' or 'geometric' in interior design we automatically assume these designs to be black and white.
However when talking to people (= the buyers of your products) many find this combination too 'dominant' and even 'unlivable'.
Follow these simple tips to get the right look:

- Using a supporting colour increases the human comfort zone. For example the pink on picture 1 and the extra gold from picture 2.

- Balance the size of the pattern against the object or room size it will be used for. See pictures 2+3 and 4+7 for examples: the same pattern, different scale!

- Find the correct balance between the pattern colors themselves and the thickness of the lines. For example the helmet from picture 5 and the ceramics from picture 7.

- Divide the space that needs decorating in percentages. For example 50% plain colour, 30% accent colour and 20% patterned surface. As seen on picture 6: patterned carpets and cushions, grey-brown-charcoal accents from the painting and the sofa, all set against a plain coloured wall and ceiling.

1  ::  House to Home

2  ::  Homes and Gardens

3  ::  Ferm Living Danmark

4  ::  House to Home

5  :: Les Ateliers Ruby - Jemmapes

6 :: Living Etc. -  photo by Paul Raeside

sema france
7  ::  Sema France

8  ::  House To Home