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Home decoration colour predictions 2014

Interview by Editor At Large host Kelly Edwards at the Spring 2013 High Point Market.


FERM Living - design from Denmark

Simple, elegant, functional, ... that's Ferm Living. They have an adorable Kids Collection with a mid-century feel about it. Lovely colours and quality materials.
They've just published a new catalogue. Enjoy browsing!


Luxurious Rich Fabric Collection

Texture, colour, design, material, technique: all melted together in these great products!
A luxurious fabric collection by Thomas O'Brian for Groundworks, seen on Inspired Talk and available from Lee Jofa.


A fascinating combination !

This Sequined Floral Cushion is a great example of:
> combining techniques:
printing and paillette embroidery

> combining colourpalettes:
divers bold colours with greyscale or ton-sur-ton effect in one design

> combining artistic styles:
vague watercolor flowers and detailed botanical prints

> the interacting combination of product versus surface design:
the playing with light and reflection is stimulated by the dimensions of the end product creating an overall added value


Birds and Leopard

A tropic, asian, safari combination with a sunny yellow caribbean touch!
Seen on Inside Outside.


Paisley Patterned Building

What a great and unusual application! This contemporary building in Mumbai is patterned with the famous traditional Indian motif: the paisley.


ORANGE: ethnic, retro or traditional

A color currently gaining popularity is orange. Giving a warm feel to any pattern type. The combination with other colours determines the final athmosphere.

patterns kravet ikat kelim ethnic

pattern texture fleamarket
Fleamarket find

pattern fifties ideal homes
Seen on Ideal Homes, Fabulous Fifties

pattern out of southeast asia
Out Of Southeast Asia exhibition at the Washington Textile Museum

Brunschwig et Fils
Brunschwig et Fils

pattern design Thom Felicia for Kravet
Thom Felicia for Kravet

vintage wallpaper Graham and Brown
Wallpaper (and image) by Graham and Brown


Warm Icy Ocian House

Dining room at the Hampton Designer Showhouse NY2012 by Mabley Handler Interior Design.
A real spectacle of various shades of blue and white. The wooden floor provides a warm and joyable touch.
The patterned upholstery seen on the bench is by Kravet.

Hampton Designer Showhouse - Mabley Handler

Kravet Fabrics


EDITIONS: Contemporary rugs for collectors

Christopher Farr - 25th anniversary celebration

Pattern by
Anni Albers (1899-1994)

2 May – 30 June 2013
Daily 10.00-18.00
Great Arch Hall - London
Free admission


FIVE TRENDS for home decoration

Zara Home presents to you these five trends:

Floral Print  *  Fluor  *  Orient Express  *  Jungle  *  Warm Minimalism


Antique linen bag

Linen bag made in Flanders, early 17th century,
printed with black paste. (MIAT
 Collection Gent)



matériO is an independent information centre on materials and innovative products. It provides members with a large selection of specific, reproducible and obtainable materials, key elements in the creation process.


Medieval interlaced medallion (Armenia - 14th century)

Surface pattern design interlaced medaillion
Surface pattern design or interlaced medallion painted on the opening page of Gospel according to Saint Luke (Evangelistery, Siwnik - Armenia) - 14th century (Matendaran, Eviran, codex 6305, F.128r.) (Source: Benedikt Taschen Verlag GmbH & Co – Volkmar Gantzhorn, The Christian Oriental Carpet)


Large Roman mosaic found in Turkey

This is the largest Roman mosaic ever found
in southern Turkey. It measures some 25 x 7 meters
and served as the forecourt for the adjacent large bath
(Source: Michael Hoff / University of Nebraska-Lincoln)


Glow in the dark

surface pattern design Nice pattern

    Haley May Nice with pattern ‘Cells - the fabric of live’. This design has
    luminous parts that glow in the dark. (UCA – Univercity for Creative Arts)