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Summer Colors by Zara Homes

Here comes the sun !  Great color combinations by Zara Homes.

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Graphic Geometric Black and White ?

When we speak of 'graphic' or 'geometric' in interior design we automatically assume these designs to be black and white.
However when talking to people (= the buyers of your products) many find this combination too 'dominant' and even 'unlivable'.
Follow these simple tips to get the right look:

- Using a supporting colour increases the human comfort zone. For example the pink on picture 1 and the extra gold from picture 2.

- Balance the size of the pattern against the object or room size it will be used for. See pictures 2+3 and 4+7 for examples: the same pattern, different scale!

- Find the correct balance between the pattern colors themselves and the thickness of the lines. For example the helmet from picture 5 and the ceramics from picture 7.

- Divide the space that needs decorating in percentages. For example 50% plain colour, 30% accent colour and 20% patterned surface. As seen on picture 6: patterned carpets and cushions, grey-brown-charcoal accents from the painting and the sofa, all set against a plain coloured wall and ceiling.

1  ::  House to Home

2  ::  Homes and Gardens

3  ::  Ferm Living Danmark

4  ::  House to Home

5  :: Les Ateliers Ruby - Jemmapes

6 :: Living Etc. -  photo by Paul Raeside

sema france
7  ::  Sema France

8  ::  House To Home


Blue and White comes in many shades

A neverending story, the combination of blue and white. And it's so much more than 'beach style' !

marimekko, woven ground, john lewis, benchmark

borastapeter at cole & son
my living space
valentino autumn 2013

country homes & interiors - house to

vintage fabric samples

bodie & fou

brunschwig & fils

country homes & interiors - house to


Yellow and Grey

Rather popular during the 80'ies, but not at all worn out. Ejoy the fresh combination of yellow and grey !

Little Green Wallpaper Collection

GPJ-Baker Wallpaper Collection

Crown Wallpaper Collection

All Pictures from:


A fascinating combination !

This Sequined Floral Cushion is a great example of:
> combining techniques:
printing and paillette embroidery

> combining colourpalettes:
divers bold colours with greyscale or ton-sur-ton effect in one design

> combining artistic styles:
vague watercolor flowers and detailed botanical prints

> the interacting combination of product versus surface design:
the playing with light and reflection is stimulated by the dimensions of the end product creating an overall added value


Birds and Leopard

A tropic, asian, safari combination with a sunny yellow caribbean touch!
Seen on Inside Outside.


Red, Blue and White.

medallion pattern zara homes

Great combination of divers patterns and intens colours with a peacefull white.
Zara Home collection.


ORANGE: ethnic, retro or traditional

A color currently gaining popularity is orange. Giving a warm feel to any pattern type. The combination with other colours determines the final athmosphere.

patterns kravet ikat kelim ethnic

pattern texture fleamarket
Fleamarket find

pattern fifties ideal homes
Seen on Ideal Homes, Fabulous Fifties

pattern out of southeast asia
Out Of Southeast Asia exhibition at the Washington Textile Museum

Brunschwig et Fils
Brunschwig et Fils

pattern design Thom Felicia for Kravet
Thom Felicia for Kravet

vintage wallpaper Graham and Brown
Wallpaper (and image) by Graham and Brown


FIVE TRENDS for home decoration

Zara Home presents to you these five trends:

Floral Print  *  Fluor  *  Orient Express  *  Jungle  *  Warm Minimalism


Surface pattern design inspiration

surface pattern design e-repeats “Leda and swans”
Large ceramic Italian plate depicting “Leda and swans” (D42cm)