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Surface pattern design applications : chintz

We all know the white paper oriental inspired lampshades. But how about these ones? Made from chintz fabric with floral or paisley decor from SEMA design.

More info on chintz patterns can be found on our Dictionary page. To download chintz patterns, visit the pattern database!


Contemporary Flower Pattern

What a great floral pattern design! The scale of the flowers, the colours and strong shapes.
This jacquard woven upholstery has an extra dimension using the teal chenille yarn to colour the flowers, set on a flat woven, dark brown charcoal background, brightend up using a vison for the leaves and outline. A perfect match!

From the collection of Barker and Stonehouse UK.

contemporary flowers at Barker and Stonehouse


Paisley Patterned Building

What a great and unusual application! This contemporary building in Mumbai is patterned with the famous traditional Indian motif: the paisley.