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Flemish Fire Tiles (18thC)

Surface pattern design Flemish Fire Tiles 1

From the 18th until the 20th century fireplace tiles from Flanders were manufactured in red pottery. They were decorated with white clay inlaid motifs in a very recognizable stylistic way. Afterwards the tile was covered with lead glaze. These type of tiles were simply named after their ornamental patterns, such as Lily tiles or Lion tiles.


Nike Flyknit

A new technology that changes the way footwear is constructed.  Knitting Industry blog provides the full story behind this precision engineering in its purest form.


List of 50 visiting countries

surface pattern designs at has visitors all over the world.
Being 1 year online, we wanted to find out the
distances we have already bridged. Virtual, that is.

Here's a list of 50 countries that



Circular knitting machine at Audax (NL)

Circular knitting machine spotted at Audax Textile museum Tilburg NL.

The needles are mounted vertically in a circle and produces cylindrical (tubular) fabrics without seams.


Books on Textile Design

Interested in learning more on how to design your patterns with Adobe Photoshop, Elements or Gimp? These books by Frederick L. Chipkin will help you out!



Daily Beauty, Beauty of Honesty, Utopian Beauty

(click pictures for a larger view)


the ultimate guide to repeats

pattern observer - the ultimate guide to repeats - online course

If you have great ideas on surface pattern design, but you’re not sure where to start, then this self-study module by designer Michelle Fifis is for you!

In this class students will learn:
  1. How to create square and half-drop repeats in Illustrator and Photoshop

  2. How to evaluate artwork to decide if a square or halfdrop repeat is needed

  3. How to prepare artwork for textile design production through color separations

  4. How to label artwork for factory production, including a downloadable template


New Design Britain Awards


New Design Britain Awards gives recognition to young design talent for innovative and ground-breaking work. Finalists works will be on display at Interiors Uk 2012, with the winners being announced at the show.

Interiors UK runs from 22-25 january 2012
at the NEC Brimingham.


QR code embroideries

Quick Response Code embroideries by National Garments - seen at the Smart Room > Tio3 - Ronse Belgium
surface pattern design e-repeats QR-code


Recycled newspaper

Recycled spun newspaper transpose in all kinds of upholstery. Manufactured and designed by Greetje van Tiem and shown at the Textielweekend - Ronse Belgium.
surface pattern design e-repeats recycling newspaper 800


Seen at FUTURO textiles Ronse Belgium

surface pattern design e-repeats leitat swimsuit

Luminous swimsuit developed by LEITAT  in 2008 for the Spanish National synchronized swimming team at the Olympic Games in Peking 2008. The swimsuit has an internal waterproof LED-light circuit with lithium batteries that has the necessary elasticity to perform energetic choreography.
Seen at FUTURO Textiles Ronse (B).


Brangwyn cover 1935

surface pattern design e-repeats brangwyn cover 800
Book cover design by Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956)
for the Barbizon House Record - London 1935.