Yellow and Grey

Rather popular during the 80'ies, but not at all worn out. Ejoy the fresh combination of yellow and grey !

Little Green Wallpaper Collection

GPJ-Baker Wallpaper Collection

Crown Wallpaper Collection

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Luxurious Rich Fabric Collection

Texture, colour, design, material, technique: all melted together in these great products!
A luxurious fabric collection by Thomas O'Brian for Groundworks, seen on Inspired Talk and available from Lee Jofa.


A fascinating combination !

This Sequined Floral Cushion is a great example of:
> combining techniques:
printing and paillette embroidery

> combining colourpalettes:
divers bold colours with greyscale or ton-sur-ton effect in one design

> combining artistic styles:
vague watercolor flowers and detailed botanical prints

> the interacting combination of product versus surface design:
the playing with light and reflection is stimulated by the dimensions of the end product creating an overall added value


Birds and Leopard

A tropic, asian, safari combination with a sunny yellow caribbean touch!
Seen on Inside Outside.


Contemporary Flower Pattern

What a great floral pattern design! The scale of the flowers, the colours and strong shapes.
This jacquard woven upholstery has an extra dimension using the teal chenille yarn to colour the flowers, set on a flat woven, dark brown charcoal background, brightend up using a vison for the leaves and outline. A perfect match!

From the collection of Barker and Stonehouse UK.

contemporary flowers at Barker and Stonehouse